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The company Enerpred became a participant of the All-Russian competition of the Program "100 Best goods of Russia".

The competition is aimed at stimulating an increase in the responsibility of the producer to the consumer, primarily by improving internal processes, conducting internal and external evaluations of its products and production.

The company Enerpred successfully passed the regional stage of the competition, according to the results of which it received a Diploma of the first degree in the nomination "Industrial and technical products" and the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of products at the federal level.


According to the results of the All-Russian competition of the Program "100 best goods of Russia" for the development and production of a unique tool of the MMHS-1S, MMHS-AM, MMHS-2MMMHS-2C models, the company received the honorary status of "Diploma Holder", signed by the first Vice President of the "Academy of Quality Problems" B. Boytsov.

Following the results of the federal stage of the Program competition, catalogs were published, which contain photographic material and background information about the goods and services of companies that have become Laureates and Diploma Winners. In addition, participants will be able to use the Program logo for advertising purposes and as a means of protecting products from counterfeiting.

Enerpred continues to conquer new heights!


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